Thursday, 27 October 2011

Our apartment!

Today we washed the apartment, like we do every thursday. But this time we took some pictures so that you all can see how we live! We are very happy about the location and apartment:)

Living room

Kitchen / diner area


Guest toilet

When we went to Ikea last week, Camilla bought these wall-stickers.
And today we decided to put them up, as you can see below it really made a different to the room.


Camilla´s bedroom


  1. Where do you live? what do you study? and how much does this appartment cost monthly? loved it! Did you btw buy all the furniture yourselves?

  2. Hi.. We live in Kensington. We rent from Johanna´s Dad, so we get a good deal;) No, most of the furniture's was here from before. We study interior design and technology at London Metropolitan University.