Saturday, 26 November 2011

Kings Club!

Signy´s room, where it all begun :)
Happy Malls! :D
Ida and Sigg drinking!
 Gangster Malls! YO!
Flirty sigg!
We drink a lot, obviously!
Smelly bitch!
Swedish girls! Having a great time! *Gossip*
I´m sooo cool, just dancing on the stage all the time!
Malla and me sleeping! And the guy in the back is sweating a lot!
Sigg´s bodygard!
Ida being to cool for school :P
Posh Sigg!
Sigg being King at Kings!

Some phenomenal pictures from yesterday! :) 


  1. how beautyful!! are those lashes real? good lookin

  2. Don´t know which of the girls you mean. But all have real lashes ;)