Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pukka Tea

 Don't they just look fabulous?

This is the latest one in my "collection"

My latest obsession, Pukka tea! (Also the English way, with milk!)
They don’t just taste
amazingly, but they also look so sweet. They’re one of our kitchen accessories. 
You can get Pukka tea in different tastes, colors and designs. 
5 Pukka Herbs Teas has won Stars at Great Taste Awards. 
Two of the five once I have, "chamomile and vanilla", and "revitalise" has won 3 stars. The stars are rated like this: 1 Star is 'Close to perfect', 2 Stars is 'Faultless', and 3 Stars is 'Wow you must taste this'.
You should indeed try them!

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