Thursday, 29 December 2011

Modern Japanese Urban Architecture

This urban home design is located in Japan and designed by architects Yasuhiro Yamashita and Takada Masahiko. The facade is made out of glass and steel and it has a industrial-looking outdoor staircase. A modern architecture that beautifully combines fashion and function into one compact frame.

This ultra-modern Japanese house is located in Tokyo and was designed by Yasuhiro Yamashita and Tanaka Hirokazu. It´s showing the balancing act of art, architecture and attitude. It has a contemporary concept of “home.”

This modern house in Tokyo is another fascinating design by Atelier Tekuto. It´s a tall, lean and long house. It´s transparent and translucent glass, the interiors are flooded with natural light. 

Atelier Tekuto designed this cool Crystal Brick House in Tokyo. Using blocks of glass that give it its “crystal” appearance. The glass blocks are stacked within a steel-grid frame, resulting in a facade that allows natural light to flood interiors. The home’s living spaces have a luxury about them, but are mainly minimal so as to not detract from the innovative wall treatment. An amazing urban design!

 This house is also located in Tokyo and designed by Atelier Tekuto. This is a Cell Brick house and the facade is made of steel blocks and glass. The connection between architecture and nature may not be immediately apparent, this amazing home’s checker-board exterior lets light permeate interiors, like sunlight beaming through foliage. On the inside, these steel boxes become built-in storage shelves.


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