Friday, 6 January 2012

15 amazing chairs

Shadow Chair
Gravity defying chair with two legs, which is supported by a metal shadow.

Laundry Chair
Multifunctional chair with integrated laundry bag for your clothing.

Pencil Chair

Oyster Chair
When folded it is a cushion, when unfolded it is a comfortable chair.

Walrus Chair

Sugar Chair
Candy inspired chair made out of pure sugar by Pieter Brenner

Tube Chair
Unusual chair made out of tubes by talented designer Tom Price.

Corner Chairs

Silhouette Chair
Modern chair designed to be easily transformable into a bench.

Mini Cooper Chair
David Gawthorpe transformed front end of real car into a chair.

Silk Chair
Chair consists of silk thread tightened around a bearing oak frame.

Rhino Chair

Bamboo Chair
Tea ceremony chair made by Japanese designer Hiroki Takada.

Melting Chair
Unique chair by Philipp Aduatz designed to look like it is melting.

Inception Chair
Amazing chair by Vivian Chiu is made out of ten smaller chairs.


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