Sunday, 18 March 2012

Brompton Club pics

Just some photos from yesterday. We were at the Brompton club. 


  1. Hi dear!
    I am Brazilian and would like to spend my vacation in London ... I'm excited!
    How do to go to Brompton Club? Loved the blog kisses
    Ana Carolina

    1. Hi =) Thank you! :D

      If you google brompton club london, you will find out where it is =)
      Copy this :
      There is all the information :) There is a lot of very nice clubs here ;)

    2. Hi thank you
      I read on the site that must have list, here in Brazil is called the list, there must be a member
      How should I proceed?
      if you can pass me the names of pub where legal
      we look forward to going to the Brompton
      you seem so excited and happy in this place! Do you have email?
      Mine is

  2. Yes that's true.
    Just email us on: :)