Saturday, 24 March 2012

New gelish nails! :)

Someone requested me to explain how I make these gelish nails, it's quite easy.
You need what you see on the second picture.
- Gelish cleanser
- Ph- bond
- Foundation gel
- The color you want
- Topp it off
- UV lamp

You first file your nail to shape you want them and buffer on top.
Then you apply the cleanser, if you want.
Then Ph- bond. 
Then you put one layer of foundation gel, just like you put nail polish.
And put it under the lamp for 120 sec.
Then you apply the color you want and put it under the lamp for 120 sec again.
This you can do 2-3 times.
Then you put on the Topp it off, one layer in the end.
And again 120 sec in the lamp.
Then you put the cleanser on a cotton, apply it on the nail like you do when you remove nail-polish, you take away the top layer and then you are finished, and the polish is dry. 
It takes about 30 min to make them. 
 See the movie under, and you will see exactly how it is done as well:)
In the video they have a Led- lamp that's why it only needs to be under only 10 sec. 

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