Friday, 10 August 2012

Beautiful Bathroom Guest post from ArcadianHome

Hello there! I'm Joanna, a blogger for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful source for lighting fixtures you're sure to love. I adore interior design and look forward to my work every day. I spend my time searching the web to find the most beautiful decorating ideas and images to share in guest posts such as this one. I'm excited to bring along some of my favorite bathrooms with natural wood elements. I hope you find some inspiration for your own decorating projects at home.
Interior Design Home Decor Wood Elements Zen Bathroom 
This Zen bathroom offers a calm, natural place to relax and renew. Warm toned wood covers the flooring, platform and vanity.
Interior Design Home Decor Wooden Elements Bathroom 
Two pieces of wood sit in a shower/bath giving it an organic feel. The bust in the window adds an Asian touch to the space.
Interior Design Home Decor Wood Bathroom Outdoors 
This bathroom draws nature indoors with walls of glass surrounding it. The modern wood vanities and mirrors work well to blend with the outdoor view. The pendant light fixtures are perfect here.
Interior Design Home Decor Wooden Bathroom 
This is another nature-based bathroom in the trees. The wood wall with matching vanity is quite handsome. The pendant offset to the side works well here.
Interior Design Home Decor Bathroom Industrial and Wooden 
A bamboo mat sits beneath to rain fixtures while a similar wood has been installed at the vanity. The grey tiles work nicely with the matte metal sink surround.
Interior Design Bathroom Home Decor Wood 
Rich wood surrounds a vanity made from a large block of wood set upon a hammered metal base. Grass cloth on the walls adds another natural element to the space.
Interior Design Home Decor Sky Light Wooden Bathroom 
Bamboo wood slats cover the floor of this peaceful shower. The light streaming in from the skylight brings nature indoors.
Interior Design Bathroom Home Decor  
Decadent woods of differing types come together beautifully to create a luxurious bath experience. The wood tub is so inviting and the pendant light is stunning.
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These soothing wooden bathrooms create an air of tranquility and allow us to bring in the elements of nature into our space. Which one of the bathrooms above is your favorite? Comment below and make sure to check out all of our lovely pendant lights at Arcadian lighting.

-Guest post from Joanna- 

Thank you very much Joanna at Arcadian lighting for putting together such a lovely post!


  1. <3 number seven!
    Such a cool idea, and very creative!

  2. They all look great, and they all have a nice natural touch.
    I prefer number 1!