Saturday, 1 September 2012


Hi, I would love to introduce myself. I am Celinn, Camilla's sister! I've been writing a little on and of for this blog from the very start to help out my sister and her friend Johanna. However, lately it has become more and more of an regular thing. Johanna has also had to much with work and everything the last months. So, my sister and I have been working on this blog together lately. 
Right now my sister also has so much on her plate, so I'm going to be the main blogger in
the nearest future. So, that we don't need to close/delete the blog yet! :)
I'm writing when it says this on the post -Ce-, if it's Camilla it says -Ca-, if it's Johanna -J- and if it's all of us -CJC- and if it's me and my sister it's -CC-.
The blog mainly started with Johanna and Camilla in London, but now that everyone is based different places this is the best way to do it.

Have a great day! <3


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